MetallTech Pty Ltd – Metallurgy & Materials

To complement R&T’s lubrication technology functions an association with MetallTech Pty Ltd provides metallurgy and materials services. The principal of MetallTech, Greg Cox BAppSc, has wide-ranging experience in metallurgy and materials consultancy, forensic investigation, testing & industrial services.

Consultancy & Forensic Investigation
• Metallurgical evaluation
• Failure analysis
• Microscopic examination
• Metal, material and dimension verification
• Manufacturing technology evaluation
• Heat treatment assessment
• Corrosion
• Welding technology, inspection &
procedure qualification

Industrial Services

• Inspection & expediting, production monitoring
& progress reporting
• Laboratory and field work
• Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
– magnetic particle inspection
– ultrasonic inspection
– eddy current inspection
– dye penetrant inspection
– radiography
– thickness measurement and survey
– evaluation
– training
• Hardness testing
• Surface roughness testing
• Mechanical testing
• Flammability testing


Contact Details

Glenbrook NSW 2773

Greg Cox Principal Metallurgist
Mobile +61 439 711 188
Address 21 May St,

Failure Investigation Gallery

Reduction Gearbox
Reduction gearbox from food processing plant, Fracture by rotating bending fatigue cracking. There were no material defects and failure was attributed to mis-alignment with the extension shaft

Fractured Pump Shaft

Fractured Pump Shaft

Fractured pump shaft – Monel 400 alloy.
Failed by stress corrosion cracking as indicated by the microstructure that shows multiple crack pathways and forking.

Case Carburised Layer

Case carburised lever. Macro specimen that shows the case carburised layer and the location of Vickers low load hardness testing to determine case depth profile.
Spalling Fractures
Fatigue Fractures
Common Fretting
False Brinelling
Gears & shafts from the auxiliary drives of a ship diesel engine. Asymmetric, multiple failure modes including fatigue fracture, spalling and fretting including false brinelling (adhesive material transfer) on radial mounting faces and common fretting (oxidation/burnishing) on the tapered axial faces.There were no apparent material defects or indications of sub-standard lubrication. Failure was attributed to abnormal mechanical factors.