R&T can provide a wide variety of services for our clients including but not limited to:

• AusIndustry Research Provider
• Condition Monitoring large or small manufacturing plants
• Digital Imaging/Photography of Industrial Equipment.
Dust Analysis
• Flash Point Testing Lubricants, Heat Transfer Fluid
• Grease Analysis
• Heat Transfer Fluid Monitoring
• Metallurgical Analysis
• Oil Analysis
• Oil and Grease Analytical Ferrography
• Oil and Grease Filter Dismantling, Media Extraction and Analysis
• Oil and Grease Wear Debris Analysis
• Oil/Grease Sampling
• Root Cause Failure Analysis
• Scanning Electron Microscope Analysis Oil and Grease Filter Wear Debris
• Scanning Electron Microscope Analysis Oil and Grease Wear Debris
Varnish Potential in Turbine Fluid, Paper Machine Oils and Hydraulic Systems
• Water Detection

Alongside our analytical services we can provide consultancy for

• Design of Lubrication Systems & Schedules.
• Image recording of Machinery Inventories.
• On Site Contamination Investigation.
• On Site Lube Sample Taking.
• On Site Machine Reliability Improvement.
• On Site Tutorial for oil sampling and contamination control.
• Root Cause Failure Analysis.

R&T understands there are times that our services cannot be utilised and R&T will not persist with any “pressured sale contact” if that situation exists. The introduction to our services can be discussed through contacting the lab though:

E: lab@rttech.com.au P: +61-2-9698-8840(AEST 8am-5pm MON-FRI) Examples of our reports are available for viewing here. Breakdowns of our standard report layouts are available for viewing here.